Nesya Blue


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Abstract Nature Figurative
People Places floating Signifiers

Nesya Blue presents editioned work in series and multi-image panels and encourages collectors to shift and shuffle group compositions to create their own unique configurations.

Blue works with a master printer to produce Archival Pigment prints with superior image resolution, vivid color, and exceptional detail—quality consistent with highest standards of museums, galleries, and discerning collectors.

Media used is Hahnemuhle Etching 310gsm paper, a velvety smooth heavyweight paper with fine surface texture. Inks are top quality Ultra Chrome K3, consisting of pigment fortified by resin for light-fast, archival and water-resistant results.

Editions are limited to 50. Each print is hand-signed, numbered by the artist and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Blue’s one-of-kind Mixed Media works are fabricated with combinations of photographic
materials, resin, mylar, canvas, paint, paper, and wood.


Between abstraction and representation,
exuberance and exactitude
the spontaneous and the studied
my images derive from natural phenomena
I observe
and seek to exalt.
in combinations of painting and photography.

I hope that viewers are intrigued by this work,
stimulated to conjure
their own
personal interpretations
and associations
encouraged to
see the



In addition to the pleasure you will enjoy owning a Nesya Blue, keep in mind, as Nick Paumgarten wrote in the New Yorker:

“Art is transportable, unregulated, glamorous…easier to store than oil, more esoteric than
diamonds, more durable than political influence. Its elusive valuation makes it conducive
to extremely creative tax accounting.”

FAUVE FRUIT, limited edition print, custom size.


SPRING THREE, limited edition print.


Nesya Blue